Gas Analyzer


  • Continuous real-time analysis of contamination with Hydrocarbons (TOC/THC) directly in process-steam and/or condensate, eg. at:
    • heat exchanger
    • blow-down vessel
    • flash drum
    • condensate recovery
    • LEL monitoring in cooling tower
    • VOC in waste water


  • No time consuming sample conditioning (e.g. cooling of the condensate to < 45 °C)
  • Quick analyzing results
  • Response time < 1 sec
  • low maintenance
  • no chemical reagent required
  • self cleaning system


  • Provides monitoring results within seconds
  • Reliable control of the whole steam process
  • Safe detection of leakages
  • Decision if it can be recycled or discharged
  • Applicable in both, steam and condensate pipes
  • Single or multi channel configuration
  • For safe area or Ex zone 1 or 2
  • Fast response time
  • Simple automatic calibration
  • Complete diagnostics of all uitilities
  • Automatic start-up
  • Heated corrosion proof detector
  • Integrated catalyst for zero and burner air (non Ex)
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